TO:    All Kitfox™ OWNERS


FINGER STRAINER: Denney Aerocraft strongly recommends that a finger strainer be installed in the outlet of the E-26 Fuel Tank. The finger strainer (our part number E-42, Fuel Tank Outlet Screen) will help prevent fuel flow stoppage due to foreign matter in the tank. All E-26 Fuel Tanks manufactured now have 3/8” NPT threads formed in the tank sump. If you have the older style with the aluminum block molded into the sump, you may drill and tap it to 3/8” NPT which will allow installation of the E-42 Fuel Tank Outlet Screen. We have only experienced about a 50% success ratio in drilling and tapping these older style tank outlets.

Drill the aluminum block out to 37/64” and tap 3/8” NPT. Go very slowly and carefully to avoid turning the block in the plastic tank, use aluminum thread cutting fluid. If the aluminum block turns, it will destroy the seal and the tank will be unusable. If you do ruin the tank attempting this modification, Denney Aerocraft will sell you the new style tank at our cost of $38.34 plus shipping.

Upon satisfactory installation of the screen, an E-23 Fuel Line Outlet, 1/4” NPT x 90 degree x 1/4” barbed fitting is required to complete the connection from the screen to the E-22 Fuel Line Hose.

       PARTS REQUIRED                                                                      PRICE

             E-23 Fuel Line Outlet                                                                 .46
             E-42 Fuel Tank Outlet Screen                                                  8.34
             E-26 Fuel Tank (if needed)                                                     38.34

If you need assistance in any way, please call customer service. Before returning any items to Denney Aerocraft Co. please obtain a Return Goods Authorization (RMA) number from customer service.