SUBJECT:     Oil Injection System

TO:    All Kitfox™ Builders W/Rotax 582LC

FROM:    Denney Aerocraft Company

Recently we had a problem with our 582LC demonstrator, caused by oil starvation. Kitfox™ builders who have engines with oil injection systems should note the following precautions:

Item #1. The E-85 inline oil filter should be positioned as near the oil tank and firewall as possible, away from the engine. This will greatly reduce vibration of the filter especially during start-up and shut-down, and reduce the likelihood of the oil line separating from the filter. Check the oil line and clamps during each pre-flight inspection for leaky connections, cracked lines, or loose clamps.

The filters supplied with the 582LC engine kits to date have a 1/4” nipple on one side but the nipple on the opposite side is of smaller diameter. We will be sending a filter with 1/4” nipples on both sides to every 582 equipped Kitfox™ owner who purchased 582LC Engine Kit from Denney Aerocraft Co. Replace the old style filter with the new as soon as you receive it. The 1/4” tubing will not properly fit the smaller nipple.

Item #2. Before you run your engine, and any time you disconnect the oil line for any reason, vent the air from the oil line. Refer to the Rotax 582LC Operators Manual, pages 15 and 16, for complete instructions, and Fig. 2 on page 16, which shows the location of the vent plug.

As an added precaution, if the oil pump may have lost its prime for any reason, you should premix 2-cycle oil with the next tank full of fuel to ensure the engine is oiled in case the oil injection pump does not supply oil. Monitor the oil level in the oil tank to confirm that oil is being used.

Item #3. The oil injection pump metering lever is actuated by a cable connected to the throttle reversed Bellcrank. You can secure the sheath ends of this cable into the sockets with silicone caulking. Use silicone caulking also to secure the ends of the throttle cables.

Item #4. Your pre-flight inspection should include a thorough inspection of the oil injection system. Check the ends of the oil injection control cable and of the throttle cables to see that the cables are not buckled and the sheath ends are secure in their sockets. Check the oil level in the tank and check the line and in-line filter. We strongly recommend that you fit a small door in the top cowl so it will be more convenient to check the oil level in the tank and add oil. We have this Oil Refill Access Door Kit available Part #K1145 for $30.00.

Summary - The Rotax 582LC in our experience has been a very reliable engine and the oil injection pump may be the most reliable part of it. We have never had a problem with the pump and none of our builders have reported problems with it. We had problems with oil starvation because we did not properly care for the supply system to the pump. The purpose of this letter is to help you avoid similar problems.