DATE:                     September 3, 1991   revised May 9, 1994

SUBJECT:               Oil injection systems

APPLICABILITY:      All Rotax 2 stroke engines

COMPLIANCE:        Recommended

FROM:                   SkyStar Aircraft, Engineering Department

The purpose of this letter is to help you prevent the possibility of oil starvation with your Rotax 582 LC engine.  In the past we have uncovered some possibilities for oil system problems, and we are sharing them with you so that you can avoid similar situations.

Make sure that your in-line oil filter is of the proper type, and secured against engine vibration.  The proper filter has 1/4" hose fittings on both sides, while an older style had a smaller fitting on one side that increased the likelihood of the hose not being properly secured.  Make sure that the filter is as close to the tank as possible to minimize the effects of engine vibration.

Before your initial engine run, and at any point when the oil lines have been opened for any reason,  purge the air from the oil pump using the air bleed fitting.  If the oil pump receives a bubble of air, it can lose its prime and stop delivering oil to the engine.  Observe the small oil delivery tubes to be full of oil, and monitor the level of the oil in the tank to be sure that the engine is using oil.  If  you suspect that the oil system may not be able to immediately deliver oil to the engine (such as after maintenance),  pre-mix the fuel at a ratio of 100:1 with pre-mix 2-stroke oil to insure proper engine lubrication.  This is especially important for the initial engine run and break-in.

Check often that the cable actuation system for the oil injection pump is secure and operating normally.  During pre-flight,  make a point to inspect the entire injection system including the cable, filter, lines and clamps, and tank level.  We offer as an option an oil filter access door that can be installed in the top cowling to make pre-flight inspections of the oil system easier.

In summary, a well installed and maintained oil injection system will offer long and trouble free service.  Take the time to attend to the details of the installation that will insure your engine is properly lubricated.

If you have any questions about your installation, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department at 208-454-1443.