Service Letter #20

SUBJECT: Shock Cords

TO:       Kitfox™ Model III & IV Builders

FROM:       Denney Aerocraft Company

Dear Kitfox™ Builders,

Over the course of the past several months, good quality shock cord has been increasingly difficult to obtain. The shock cords (LSC-19) included in your landing gear kit may be fabricated of one of three different types of bungee material.

Some of this material is of smaller diameter than the original stock. You may have to take more wraps than indicated by the instructions, Step (22) and Figure LGH-6.

The original material is .41” diameter and color coded with two rows of black threads and one of red. Install it according to the manual (six wraps).

The smaller cord is about .33” diameter and marked with 3 rows of green threads. You will have to take about eight wraps. It seems to be good quality bungee material and should work just as well as the original.

For a time we sent bungee material that has proven to be of inferior quality. It is about 7/16” (.41”) diameter and marked by paired bands of red and green. These shock cords do not last at all. Return them to the factory and we will be happy to replace them with the better - quality cords as soon as possible.

Happy building

Dan Denney