DATE:    April 6, 1994

SUBJECT:              Vixen Documentation and Upgrade

TO:                         All Vixen Owners who's Aircraft Serial Numbers are:

DBT001, ECV001-ECV009, GCV010, HCV011-HCV012, ICV013-ICV018, JCV019-JCV022, KCV024, LCV023, LCV025-LCV026, ADV027-ADV030

FROM:   SkyStar Aircraft, Engineering Division

Dear Vixen Owner,

As the Vixen is one of the first modern kitplanes to be designed from the outset for international certification using the JAR-VLA standards, we at SkyStar and you as  builders are participating in history. The Vixen is the first 'Kitfox™' designed since 1984 that is not  a direct descendant from the original Model I; the changes and improvements are too numerous to list.

The advantages offered by the Vixen have been accompanied by difficulties in our documentation and parts lists; the new design required us to start from scratch. Unfortunately, our ability to document the kit fell behind the efforts to create it. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this situation has caused, and will be taking the following steps in remedy:

1.             All Vixen owners will be receiving a completely new construction manual and parts list. The new manual chapters will be delivered as shown below:

A.            Introduction - April '94

B.            Service Bulletins and Letters - April '94

C.            Builder's Tips - April '94

D.            Horizontal/Elevator - April '94

E.             Fuselage Assembly - May '94

F.             Wing Assembly - April '94

G.            Landing Gear - April '94

H.            Firewall Forward - April '94

I.              Fabric Covering - June '94                 

J.             Final Assembly - June '94

2.             We have prepared a special data packet containing engineering assembly drawings which will be made available upon request for those who would like this information to proceed.

3.             Parts which may not have appeared on existing packing lists, but are shown on the new parts lists, will be sent to all appropriate builders at no cost.

4.             Each Vixen owner will receive a $100 credit to your account to be used for future purchases, in consideration of the time and costs you may have incurred seeking technical assistance from our staff.

5.             The Customer Support organization will be especially alert to the needs of Vixen customers, and will respond to requests for assistance with increased vigor.

While the documentation and parts issues have proved to be a challenge for this new design, the international flavor of the Vixen is going to provide all Vixen owners a special bonus. The Vixen was fully analyzed to ensure compliance with U.S. Experimental Aircraft standards prior to release, but European testing has just now been completed. It is interesting to note that many foreign countries require experimental aircraft to undergo what would be considered almost a full certification process in the U.S. The tests required by foreign countries are often different than those required here in the United States, resulting in changes not required for domestic use. Our Kitfox™ Model IV, for example, has also undergone foreign testing, and incorporates a special international kit (at extra cost) when shipped overseas. The original intent of our Vixen design was to make the domestic and international versions the same, but unanticipated test results disclosed that modifications are required.

SkyStar has designed an upgrade kit for the Vixen which will allow this plane to meet its full potential in foreign markets. We have elected to incorporate these engineering improvements in all future Vixen kits. More important, we are going to provide a retrofit kit to all existing Vixen owners, at no cost, to make sure you have the "latest and greatest". These kits will be arriving shortly, and in the interest of making sure all Vixens have equal capabilities, are considered mandatory. A service bulletin will also be issued on this subject.

SkyStar regrets the inconveniences which you may have encountered during the introduction phase of our new Vixen. We know the end results will meet or exceed your every expectation, and look forward to helping you complete your dream.