DATE:                    May 1, 1994

SUBJECT:              Aft CG Limit

APPLICABILITY:     All Model IV-1200 Kitfox's

FROM:                   SkyStar Engineering

This service letter is intended to provide you with information concerning the operating center of gravity range for your aircraft.

We have completed a series of flight tests on our factory Model IV-1200 Kitfox™, and our findings support the expanding of the allowable CG range.

The new aft CG limit for Model IV-1200 Kitfox's and Model IV-1200 Speedsters is 16" aft of the leading edge of the wing.  The old limit was established at 14.78", but that has been found to be too conservative.  At 16", you will find that loading your Kitfox™ within the CG range to be much easier.

Please make the appropriate changes in your builders manual and/or flight manual referring to this service letter.