DATE:                           August 15, 1994

SUBJECT:                     Tail Skid Bushing

APPLICABILITY:            All Vixen 1200 aircraft with the following serial numbers: DBT-001, ECV-001 thru 007, ECV-009, FCV-008, GCV-010, HCV-011 thru 012, ICV-013 thru 018, JCV-019 thru 022, KCV-024, LCV-023, LCV-025 thru 026, ADV-027 thru 030.

COMPLIANCE:    As required

FROM:                   SkyStar Aircraft Engineering Department

It has been discovered that some Vixen 1200 aircraft have been shipped without the welded tail skid mounting bushing.  We have developed a retrofit kit P/N 10235.000 to allow the installation of a tail skid bushing to those aircraft that are missing one, without the need for welding.

Inspect your fuselage just forward of the tail post to determine the presence or absence of the welded in bushing mounting plate and bushing.  If you are missing those components, contact SkyStar's customer service department for a no charge retrofit kit.

We think you will find that the retrofit kit is very easy to install, and we regret any inconvenience our omission may have caused.