DATE:                    June 24, 1994

SUBJECT:              Fuel Valve Mounting Bushing

APPLICABILITY:     Vixen 1200 aircraft with serial numbers DBT-001, ECV-001 thru 007, ECV-009, FCV-008, GCV-010, HCV-011 thru 012, ICV-013 thru 018, JCV-019 thru 022, KCV-024, LCV-023, LCV-025 thru 026, ADV-027 thru 030

COMPLIANCE:       As required

FROM:                   SkyStar Aircraft Product Development Department

During installation of your fuel valve in the center console, it is possible that you will find that the P/N 81527.000 Bushings that stand-off the valve from the console face are too long.  This creates a problem with the mounting hardware, and the valve selector shaft handle possibly making contact with the screw heads above the panel.

The fix for this is to trim the bushings to an overall length of 1/2", to allow the valve body to sit a little closer to the console.  This can be done with a file by hand, on a grinding wheel, or by chucking the bushing into a drill press and holding a hacksaw against the turning bushing.

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