DATE:                    August 19, 1994

SUBJECT:              Series 5 Horizontal Bushings

APPLICABILITY:     Series 5 Aircraft through S/N S9409xxxx; Vixens through S/N V9409xxxx

COMPLIANCE:       As required

FROM:                   SkyStar Aircraft Product Development Department

Due to our vendor's manufacturing tolerances, you may find that the P/N 11500.000 bushings for the horizontal tail will not easily fit within the bearings on the horizontal stabilizer.  The outside diameter of these clamp-up bushings has been found to vary by -.000"/+.003", which is causing difficulty for some builders.

If you cannot easily insert the clamp-up bushings into the stabilizer bearings, reduce the outside diameter of the bushings by turning them against 220 grit sandpaper.  This can be easily done by chucking the bushings into a drill motor, and then carefully holding the sandpaper against the bushing while operating the drill.  Reduce the OD sufficiently to allow the bushing to rotate freely within the bearing, but not so much that the bushing is sloppy in the bearing.

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