DATE:                    August 19, 1994

SUBJECT:              Rotax 582 Choke Control

APPLICABILITY:     All Rotax 582 Powered Kitfox's

COMPLIANCE:       As required if problems develop

FROM:                   SkyStar Aircraft Product Development Department

Some builders have reported two minor problems with the choke control system used on the 582.  The first problem is that the choke cables are long enough that the knurled adjustment at the carburetors is all the way out.  The second problem is that the cable bead at the actuator end can pull through the plastic arm, effectively disabling  the carb's choke.

One modification addresses both problems.  Remove the black plastic choke actuator from the instrument panel, and disassemble the actuator by removing the roll pin and pulling off the back cover to access the cable bead and motion arm.  Remove the cables, and drill a 1/16" hole through the most aft wall of the bead retaining box, and then carefully slot down to the hole.  Reassemble the control with the bead aft of the aft wall, and leave out the spring.  The drawing included with this letter will help you identify the parts.  This modification makes the bead more secure in the action arm, and effectively shortens the cables.  Readjust the chokes at the carburetors after re-installing the choke control on the aircraft.

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Service Letter #35

Figure 1

Choke Control Modification Details