DATE:                    August 22, 1994

SUBJECT:              Series 5 Wing Folding

APPLICABILITY:     Series 5 Aircraft through S/N S9409xxxx; Vixens through S/N V9409xxxx

COMPLIANCE:       As required

FROM:                   SkyStar Aircraft Product Development Department

As the Series 5 fuselage has a larger diameter rear spar carry through tube than our previous models, the wing folding tolerances between the rear spar cutout and the carry through tube may be tight or even interfere.  Included with this letter you will find a new spar cutout template with a slightly larger cutout area that will ensure that the spar will not make contact with the carry through tube when the wings are fully folded.

Depending on the precise positioning of the wing root rib, the root rib cap strip may also make contact with the spar carry through tube when the wings are folded.  If necessary, trim the cap strip as required to allow the wings to fold completely.  This area is covered by the turtle deck flanges when the wings are unfolded, and therefore the trimmed area of the cap strip will not show.  Only very slight trimming, if any, should be needed on the cap strip; under no circumstances should you relieve material from the rib shearweb.

If you have any questions about this service letter, contact Customer Service at 208-454-1443.


Figure 1 (contact factory for scaled print)

Revised Aft Spar Cutout Templates