DATE:                    September 12, 1994

SUBJECT:              Elevator Control Stop Bushings

APPLICABILITY:     All Series 5 Aircraft with S/N's prior to V9410XXXX, S9410XXXX

COMPLIANCE:       As required

FROM:                   SkyStar Aircraft Engineering Department

Some Series 5 control column weldments may have been shipped with the elevator control stop bushing welded to the wrong (inboard) side of the column.  Examine your parts to determine if your control column was properly configured.

If  your parts are incorrect, return the parts to us and we will correct them for you.  Call Customer Service for a Return Materials Authorization number (RMA) so that we may properly track the returned parts.

The accompanying drawing illustrates the correct and incorrect locations of the bushing in question.

Figure 1

Control Column Elevator Stop Bushing