DATE:                               September 14, 1994

SUBJECT:                         Belly Stringer Forward Attach Angle

APPLICABILITY:                All Series 5 Vixens (including all Vixen 1200's) through S/N V9410XXXX

COMPLIANCE:                  As required

FROM:                              SkyStar Aircraft Engineering Department

Some Series 5 Vixen fuselage weldments may have been shipped without the forward belly stringer attach angle installed.  Inspect your fuselage for the presence of the attach angle, and if you do not have it, you can still easily attach your belly stringer without modifying the fuselage.  The drawing on the next page shows the angle that is the subject of this letter, and the different steps for installing the stringer.

If you have any questions about this Service Letter, don't hesitate to call our Customer Service Department at 208-454-1443.

Figure 1

Revised Belly Stringer Installation