DATE:                                October 19, 1994

SUBJECT:                          Charging System

APPLICABILITY:                 Models with Rotax 503, 582 or 618 engines.

COMPLIANCE:                   As required

FROM:                               SkyStar Engineering

It has been noticed that the charging system on some aircraft with a certain configuration are causing interference noise on the avionics system. The configuration is as follows:

1.   Light duty voltage regulator. (P/N 49030.000)

2.   No master solenoid installed.

3.   12 amp/hr. battery.

Their are two fixes for this problem:

1.   Add a 220004 Capacitor P1N66000.000 to the regulator wiring. The optional kit can be obtained from SkyStar. This is the less expensive method.

2.   Replace the voltage regulator with a heavy duty regulator, P/N 46001.000. This regulator can be obtained from SkyStar. This is the preferred method.

lf you have any questions concerning this letter, contact SkyStar technical services at 208-454-1443