DATE:                    November 9, 1994

SUBJECT:              Center Firewall Section

APPLICABILITY:     All Series 5 Engine Installation Kits shipped prior to 31 November 1994

COMPLIANCE:       As required

FROM:                   SkyStar Aircraft Engineering Department

It has been brought to our attention that some 1400 lb Series 5 engine component kits have been sent out  with a version of P/N 42729.000 Center Firewall which was originally designed for the 1200 lb gross weight Vixen.  If you have received one of these older sections, the remaining components of the firewall will not fit together properly.

To determine which version you have, measure the distance between the two walls at the points indicated in Figure 1.  If the two distances are the same (i.e. the sides are parallel), the part is the correct version.  If the two measurements are significantly different, indicating the the bottom is approximately 1 inch wider than the top, call our Customer Service Department at 208-454-1443 for a replacement part of the correct size.