DATE:                    November 29, 1994

SUBJECT:              Series 5 Connect Tube Threads

APPLICABILITY:     All Series 5 Fuselage Kits shipped prior to 31 November 1994

COMPLIANCE:       As required

FROM:                   SkyStar Aircraft Engineering Department

The Engineering Department recently discovered that some Series 5 Fuselage Kits were sent out in which the P/N 15169.000 Connect Tubes were inadvertently manufactured using -28 threads instead of the proper 10-32 threads.  An easy way to determine which size threads your connect tube has is to take one of the P/N 93003.000 Rod Ends and try to screw it onto the connect tube (see Figure 1).  If the rod end does not thread easily, the thread size on the connect tube is incorrect.  If this is the case, call our Customer Service department at 208-454-1443 for a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number.  Once this number is issued, the defective part may be returned to SkyStar for a replacement connect tube.