DATE:             September 1, 1995 

SUBJECT:                   Possible Fatigue of Vixen Nose Gear Fork 

APPLICABILITY:       All Kitfox Vixens 

COMPLIANCE:          As required 

FROM:                        SkyStar Aircraft Engineering Department



SkyStar Aircraft has received reports of the nose gear fork of a Vixen showing signs of cracking. It is believed that this is only likely to occur in aircraft which fly with heavy powerplants such as the Continental O-200, IO-240, and converted Subaru engines. The factory-built Vixens which have been powered by the Rotax 912 engine have shown no sign of cracking after the fork was redesigned in May of 1994 (ref. Service Bulletin #37) with many landings over several hundred flight hours. 

For those Vixen owners who have installed or are planning to install one of these heavier powerplants, we have developed an optional high-strength fork. This fork is P/N 53006.101 and may be purchased for $273.00. This fork is now supplied as a standard part in all Vixen kits beginning in September 1995. 

All Vixen owners, whether using a light or heavy engine, are strongly encouraged to inspect their nose gear fork regularly for signs of cracking, bending, or wear. 

If you have any further questions regarding your nose gear, please call our Customer Service Department at 208-466-1711.