DATE:                    August 22, 1995

SUBJECT:              Rudder Pedal Torque Tube Cracking

APPLICABILITY:     Kitfox™ Models 1 through 4, Classic 4

COMPLIANCE:       As required

FROM:                   SkyStar Aircraft Engineering Department

We have recently noticed that some of the rudder pedal torque tubes in our older factory aircraft have started showing signs of fatigue at the positions shown in Figure 1. Because of this we recommend that each owner/builder inspect his torque tubes carefully for any signs of fatigue or cracking prior to the next flight of the aircraft. You should remove the assembly from the aircraft so it may be inspected under more optimal conditions. Prior to inspecting the areas indicated, remove any paint or powder coating around the welded joints with a piece of emery paper. If no cracks are seen, repaint the areas around the joint with a coat of paint just thick enough to protect the assembly from corrosion and add the tube to your list of items to be inspected on both preflight inspections and annual condition inspections.

If cracks are seen, replace the assembly before flying the aircraft. Even if no cracks are seen, we advise that you install a reinforcement kit on the tubes prior to continuing operation of the aircraft. This kit is part number 35015.000 and may be purchased from SkyStar for $59.95.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this inspection, please call our Customer Service Department at 208-454-1443.