DATE:                    August 28, 1995

SUBJECT:              Matco W62 Wheel Installation

APPLICABILITY:     Kitfox's with Matco W62 Wheels

COMPLIANCE:       As required

FROM:                   SkyStar Aircraft Engineering Department

Many builders have called our technical support staff and expressed concerns with the assembly of the Matco W62 wheels. It seems that it is easy for the inner tube to get pinched between to the halves of the wheel as they are being connected. To reduce the likelihood of this, we recommend that you use the following procedure.

1. Obtain a length of "-20 threaded rod (the same diameter as the bolts which hold the wheel halves together) from your local hardware store and six nuts to fit it. Cut the rod into three 9-inch lengths.

2. Inflate the inner tube only slightly to allow it to begin to take form and insert it into the tire.

3. Place the two halves of the wheel on either side of the tire. Place a nut on one end of each of the three threaded rods and insert the other end of each rod through three of the bolt holes in the halves of the wheel. This is shown in Figure 1 with the tube and tire omitted for clarity.

4. Place a nut on the other end of each threaded rod. Begin to tighten all three nuts evenly to pull the wheel halves together. Make certain the tube does not get caught between the two wheel halves by inserting a small piece of cardboard between the halves and working it all around. Additional protection against pinching the tube may be provided by placing a cardboard collar around each wheel half so the tube may not come between them.

5. Once the two halves have been pulled together, replace each of the threaded rods, one at a time, with the bolts supplied with the wheel.