DATE:                              April 22, 1998

SUBJECT:                        Rotax 912 and 912S engine installations.

APPLICABILITY:               Pulsar II and III aircraft

COMPLIANCE:                 Required

FROM:                             SkyStar Aircraft Product Development

Item #1: Exhaust system conflict with engine mount.

All Pulsar II and III aircraft customers that have purchased Rotax 912 and 912S engine component kits from SkyStar shipped prior to 04/22/99 will need to send their 54021.101 Engine Ring Mount back to SkyStar for rework free of charge.

Item #2: Water pump elbow conflict with engine mount.

All Pulsar II and III aircraft customers that have purchased Rotax 912 and 912S engines from SkyStar shipped prior to 04/22/99 require one of the water pump manifold coolant elbows to be repositioned to provide adequate clearance from the engine mount supplied in your SkyStar engine component kit. The water pump manifold will need to be shipped to SkyStar. SkyStar will reposition the elbow and return the manifold to you free of charge. If you purchased your 912 or 912S from another source other than SkyStar, you may send your water pump manifold to us and we will reposition the elbow for $75.00.

Shipping Credit – A shipping credit of $8.00 (typical UPS, ground rate) will be offered for the return of the ring mount only, or $10.00 for the return of both the ring mount and water pump manifold together. This credit is valid until 05/31/99. Please place the water pump manifold in a zip lock bag. Be sure to protect the water pump manifold from possible shipping damage. Mark the box with “SL53 REWORK” and your name.

Procedure for water pump removal:

  1. Disconnect the 4 hoses from the water pump manifold.

  2. Remove the water pump inlet fitting (also remove the O-ring and save).

  3. Remove the 5 cap screws that retain the water pump manifold (note the color of the stainless steel  bottom cap screw and the use of a copper washer).

  4. Place the water pump manifold into a zip lock bag, label the bag with your name.

  5.  Ship the manifold to SkyStar.

 Installation of water pump: 

  1. Rinse water pump with water to remove any shipping contaminates.

  2. Replace the old water pump gasket with the one supplied if necessary.

  3. Install the water pump. Be sure to use the correct hardware (stainless steel cap screw and copper washer on bottom). Torque (progressively) the cap screws to 90 in-lbs.

  4. Install the original O-ring.

  5. Install the inlet fitting in the same position as it was removed.