DATE:                                   June 06, 1999
SUBJECT:                             Field Service Report Request.

APPLICABILITY:                    All Kitfox™ Series 5 aircraft (Outback, Safari, Vixen, Voyager, Model 5, and Model 5 Speedster)

COMPLIANCE:                      Recommended

FROM:                                  SkyStar Aircraft Product Development

Earlier this year, a Kitfox™ Series 5 experienced a hard landing that resulted in substantial air­craft damage but fortunately, no injuries. Initial investigations revealed that the pitch trim ac­tuator was broken at the lower attach point to the fuselage. It could not be positively deter­mined if the actuator failure had occurred before, during or after the incident. The NTSB was asked to analyze the failed actuator to determine why it broke but, as of 06-07-99, we have not received any response from the NTSB regarding their investigation. This is the first report we have received of a failed pitch trim actuator. The NTSBÕs non-response and our inability to analyze the failed component at our facility make it difficult to accurately assess the situation.

There have been two different actuators shipped over the past several years. SkyStar has re­cently inspected one of each type using visual and dye-penetrate inspection processes. Neither actuator showed any signs of wear or cracking at the lower attachment. One actuator (P/N 62012.101) had 860 hrs in service and the other (P/N 16000.000) had 610 hrs total time.

Sky Star could use your help. While not considered mandatory, based upon the lack of specific evidence of failure, we are asking that all Kitfox™ owners who have these actuators installed to complete the attached inspection procedure. Following this inspection, we ask that you com­plete the attached Field Service Inspection Form and return it to SkyStar. We appreciate your willingness in helping us and the Kitfox™ community make sure that we keep our airplanes as safe as possible.

Inspection Procedure


  1. Remove actuator from aircraft.

  2. Remove paint from lower attach boss if any using Scotch-Brite.

  3. Clean area thoroughly with alcohol.

  4. Using a iOX magnifying glass inspect the boss around the mounting hole. Check for cracks and abnormal wear. If available use a Dye-Penetrate inspection process.

  5. Note your findings on the survey form and FAX (208-454-6464) or mail the form to SkyStar Aircraft Corp.

  6. If a crack or abnormal wear is present, the actuator will need to be replaced before next flight.

  7. Reinstall the actuator and make an entry into your logbook.


ISSUE:   Pitch Trim Actuator

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Aircraft Flying (YES or No): _________________________

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