DATE:                                    August 6, 1999

SUBJECT:                              Weight and Balance

APPLICABILITY:                      Vixen and Voyager Aircraft

COMPLIANCE:                        Recommended

FROM:                                    SkyStar Aircraft Product Development

A Kitfox™ Vixen customer recently informed us of a possible aft CG problem encountered during the initial weight and balance calculations after weighing his aircraft for the first time. The aircraft is a Vixen (1400 lb gross weight) using a 912 UL Rotax engine and a ground adjustable, wood GSC prop. While SkyStar has not experienced any aft CG loading problems on our Demo planes or had other builders call with similar problems, we would like to gather more information from our builders. SkyStar would greatly appreciate feed back from our builders on their weight and balance findings (all engine types). Please fill out the attached Survey (even if you have not completed a weight and balance yet) to help us in determining if this is an isolated case or if in fact there might be others with similar conditions.

Product Development



Owner: ________________________________        Phone Number: ______________________


Aircraft Serial Number: ______________________________(important)


Engine Type: ______________________________________


Propeller Type: ____________________________________


Aircraft Flying (Yes or No): __________       If yes, Number of flight hours: _____________



If you have completed an aircraft weighing, please fill out the weights and stations listed below.


WEIGHT                                                    STATION


 Right Main: ____________________                          __________________

   Left Main: ____________________                           __________________

Nose Wheel: ____________________                         (-)________________



Please list below any options/items that you have installed on your aircraft (Avionics, Vacuum system, Ballistic chute, Gyros, ect..)





Please mail this Survey to SkyStar Aircraft Corporation, Attn: SL# 54 Survey, 3901 Aviation Way, Caldwell, ID 83605.