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Francesco Javier Ocampo

Series 5 Vixen


Patrick Gilligan

Quebec, Canada

Model 4-1200  SN: 1792

On Aerocet Floats

David Jalanti

Classic 4 SN: C9503-0108

New York State

Jabaru 80hp Engine

Alberto Barba

Series 6

SN: S60006-011


Cato Eide

Model 2


Jeff Smathers

Series 5

SN S9404-009

Molalla, OR

Pavel Safarik

Czech Republic

Jack Seaford

Model 4-1200

SN: 1769

First Flight December 21st, 2003

Eric Ashman

Classic IV

"A little nimble in the air but also well mannered. Following the manual, I am proud of a well flying aircraft.   My thanks to Skystar.  Please receive a photo of N893 and also a photo of my wife, Carin. Because we all know, without our ladies we wouldn't have our airplanes. Eric Ashman. Atlanta GA"

 Alain Gabus

Model 4-Speedster

Serial Number: ACS-093



Duane Patrick

Kitfox Lite

Serial Number: L0204-121

Jeff Hays

Outback Series 5 (IO-240B)

"Complete October last year, 80 hours to date. Can hit VNE in level flight with the IO-240 at full power (2800 rpm's), comfortable cruise at 120 mph (2450 rpm's). I have a Sensenich prop."



John & Debra McBean

Meridian, ID

Kitfox Series 7

First Flight Oct. 2nd 2003

Steve Kellander

Kitfox Classic 4 Tri-Gear

SN: C0202-0275

Phoenix, AZ


Solomon Bradman

Islamorada, FL

Model 4 Speedster

Serial Number: JBS-071 (N85KF)

Brian Kirk

Model 4 Speedster

SN: JBS-070

"Just a note to say thanks for the years of great customer service and technical support.  N995BW (Serial# JBS 070) had its first flight in October 2003.  I now have 10.5 hours of trouble free flight testing.  Thanks again."

Gerard Kral

Leeward Air Ranch, FL

Series 5 (N97GK)

First Flight May 2003


Alan Daniels

Kitfox Series 7

Ontario, OR

EAA Chapter 103 Group Build


Leslie "Doc" Stone

Kitfox Series 6

Idaho Falls, ID

Completion June 13th 2003

"I have about 80 hours as of October 30th 2003, been doing night flights and everything is working real nice."

Claude Weber

Kitfox Series 5 Vixen

First Flight was August 28th 2003

"My Kitfox Vixen made it's maiden flight on August 28th. 2003.  The flight lasted 15 minutes and the flight characteristics are perfect"

Roberto Guirola

Kitfox Model 4 "Speedster"

First Flight September 10th, 2003

Guatemala City, GUATEMALA

"This is my first water landing with the Kit Fox at Lake Amatitlan in Guatemala" (10/Sept/03)

"For your info is a Kit Fox IV with a Rotax 912 with 95 hp (with the conventional kit of 95 hp) and the Czech 1200 Aluminum Amphibian floats, I am cruising around 85 mph indicated (65%)."

William Willyard
Grandville, MI
Kitfox Classic 4
SN: C9411-0081

Lealand Trew
Meadow Lake, TN
Kitfox Lite

John W. Lines
Safford, AZ
Kitfox Model II

Greg Musselmans
Morgan, UT
Kitfox Model II