Subject:         Mandatory Inspection and Suggested Replacement of Aluminum Wing Tanks

To:                 All Kitfox™ Owners with Aluminum Wing Tanks

From:             Denney Aerocraft Company

Recently we have received reports from some Kitfox™ owners describing the development of fuel leaks on the leading edge of some six gallon aluminum wing tanks, Denney Aerocraft Company is investigating these reports.

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU INSPECT YOUR AIRCRAFT BEFORE AND AFTER EACH FLIGHT FOR POSSIBLE FUEL LEAKS FROM THE ALUMINUM WING TANKS. If any evidence of leakage is observed, contact the Builder Support Group at Denney Aerocraft Company immediately and DO NOT FLY the aircraft until corrective measures are taken.

We strongly recommend Kitfox™ owners take advantage of the latest safety technology available. We believe that fiberglass fuel tanks have shown to be superior to aluminum fuel tanks, and we are now using fiberglass fuel tanks in our airplane kits. To encourage our customers with aluminum fuel tanks to make this important safety conversion, Denney Aerocraft Company will participate in the cost of this conversion by making six gallon fiberglass fuel tanks available to Kitfox™ builders at a special exchange price upon return of the aluminum tanks to our factory. This offer is made regardless of whether the aluminum tanks have developed leaks. See the accompanying information for details.


Six Gallon Wing Tanks