SUBJECT: Great American Propellers

TO:             Kitfox™ Builders with the KFM Engine & Great American Propeller

FROM:       Denney Aerocraft Company

A Kitfox™ builder recently reported that a section of tip, about 1 “long, separated from his Great American propeller in flight. He was able to land the aircraft without damage.

Two other builders have reported that they found cracks very near the tips of their Great American propellers.

These two-bladed propellers were provided with most KFM-1 12 Engine Kits.

Denney Aerocraft Company recommends that every builder with a Great American propeller inspect it very thoroughly before each flight, especially near the tips, for cracks or delamination.

We strongly recommend that the Great American propeller be replaced immediately with a new propeller.

The Great American Propeller Company is no longer in business, so you will have to purchase your new propeller from another supplier. We recommend that you deal with Prince Aircraft Co., 6774 Provident St., Whitehouse, Oklahoma 43571, Phone (419) 877-5557, FAX (419) 877-5557. Lonnie Prince has an excellent reputation for very high quality products, and will design and build a propeller that will suit the KITFOXTM and the KFM engine.