June 10, 1991


SUBJECT:     Side Rail Engine Mount

TO:               Kitfox™ Model Ill Builders with Rotax 582LC engine

FROM:          Denney Aerocraft Company

Recently an engineer for Bombardier-Rotax GMBH approved the new style Side Rail Engine Mount we designed for the Rotax 582LC. He recommended that we emphasize the following points:

1) The Side Rail Mount must be used only with the Rotax 582LC engine with the Type C gearbox with the 3 to 1 ratio. It must not be used on engines equipped with gearboxes with ratios of 3.47 or 4.0 to 1. To date Denney Aerocraft has only supplied the type C in 3 to 1 ratio.

2) One hexagonal screw M8 x 90, Rotax part # 440 366 must be shortened about 5mm or replaced by a screw of 85mm length.

3) This shorter screw must be used only in the position shown by sketch #1.

4) All other attachment screws part # 440 366 must remain the original 90mm length. 5) You must thread the attachment point on the P.T.O. - rotary valve side of the upper crankcase to 8mm and a maximum length of 17mm. See sketch #2.

6) Use one of the 8mm x 16mm screws supplied by Denney Aerocraft at this attachment point. You must use a screw with an active working length inside the upper aluminum crankcase housing of 16mm.