May 26, 1992


SUBJECT:    Speedster Wing Tips

TO:    Kitfox™ Owners

FROM:    Denney Aerocraft Company

Denney Aerocraft Company has found that a number of Speedster style wing tips have the potential to separate at the seam where the top and bottom halves join together. Because of the way that these few were manufactured there is not enough overlap of cloth on the inside of the joining seam.

We recommend that each builder with this style of wing tip, reinforce this seam by using the supplied resin and cloth tape on the inside surface of the seam. The tape should overlap one inch on each side of the joint. This will assure that a separation does not occur.


Prepare the inside surface by sanding the joint area with 80 grit sandpaper. Exercise caution to prevent injury from exposed fiberglass slivers in this area. Apply the supplied resin with a 2” brush. When applying the tape, insure that all the air is worked out from underneath the cloth. Extend the joint reinforcement as far aft as possible.