August 28, 1992

TO:                ALL Kitfox™ Owners

SUBJECT:      Flaperon Hinge Bearings MANDATORY

FROM:           SkyStar Aircraft Corporation

Several Kitfox™ owners have reported that some hinge bearings on the flaperon torque tube have slid to one side and out of the hinge bushing. Because of the potential problems that this could create, your safety makes compliance with this Service Bulletin


INSTRUCTIONS:     Make sure the bearing is centered into the hinge bushing. Model 1,11 & III owners use Fig.- 1. Drill and rivet two 3/32”x1/8” Alum. rivets through the top skin and into the flaperon toque tube 1/4” out board of each hinge opening. Model IV, Model IV-1200 & Speedster owners, determine which side of the hinge that the bearing flange is on (Fig. 2). Drill a hole approx 1/4” out board of the hinge flange in the bottom skin, large enough for a 3/32” rivet, head and all (the end of the hinge bearing extends approximately 1/2” to each side of the flaperon hing). Then drill a 3/32” hole into the flaperon torque tube approximately 3/16” outboard of the bearing. Using a short piece of 1/8” or less I.D. tubing as a spacer on the rivet pull shaft (view A-A), rivet a 3/32”xl/8” Alum. rivet into the flaperon torque tube. Creating these “stops” will hold the bearings in place, and open an extra drain hole for the hinge area.

Questions regarding this proceedure can be directed to our technical department, at 208-454-1443 or by FAX; 208-466-7194.

Fig. 1 (Model I, II & III)

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