August 28, 1992

TO:     ALL Kitfox™ Builders

SUBJECT:     Matco Brake Caliper

FROM:     SkyStar Aircraft Corporation

It has come to our attention that a slight change in the design of Matco brake calipers may cause interference between the outboard brake pad of the #39002 (LBRH-12R) brake caliper (refer to Fig LGH-4 in the builders manual) and the mounting lugs welded to the wheel for the brake rotor. Some calipers may also impinge upon the bolts and nuts used to secure the caliper mounting plate to the landing gear weldment. The caliper must be able to “float” from right to left during brake operation to achieve best braking efficiency and pad wear. The above mentioned impingement may prevent the caliper from floating to it’s extreme inboard or outboard limit, reducing the effectiveness of the brakes.

Please inspect your calipers to make sure that they do not hit the lugs on the wheels, and that they can float to their full inboard or full outboard positions without any interference from the mounting bolts for the caliper mounting plate. If there is any interference between the caliper and either the lugs on the wheel or the bolts on the mounting plate, clearance may be obtained by grinding the affected parts per the drawings below. Do not grind the lugs on the wheel any more than is necessary to obtain .030” clearance between the rotor and to caliper.

Questions regarding this procedure can be directed to our technical department, at 208-454-1443 or by FAX; 208-466-7194.