September 23, 1992  


SUBJECT:        Engine Mount Bolts

TO:                  All Kitfox™ Builders with Rotax 912 Engines Serial #4005177 and Larger

FROM:             SkyStar Aircraft Corporation

We have just received notice from Rotax that they have changed the 912 engine casing. The long through bolt (formerly used to bolt the #45004 and #45005 engine mount brackets to the engine) is no longer being supplied with 912 engines. The through bolt was used to bolt the rear bushings of the engine mount brackets to the crankcase as well as to hold the crankcase halves together. Please refer to the attached drawing from the Rotax Owners manual, #20 is the bolt that is no longer supplied with the 912 engine.

All 912’s subsequent to Serial Number 4005177 now use a 10mm allen bolt which threads directly into the left crankcase half from the right crankcase half. This bolt is not long enough to mount the right engine mount bracket and still retain adequate thread engagement in the left crankcase half. If you have a 912 with serial numbers subsequent to 4005177, DO NOT BOLT THE ENGINE MOUNT BRACKET TO THE CRANKCASE WITH THE 10mm ALLEN BOLT SUPPLIED WITH THE ENGINE. Running an engine with this installation could cause severe damage to the engine.

SkyStar Aircraft will be sending out the appropriate bolts (one M1O x 130mm for the right side and an extra M1O x 50mm for the left side) as they become available. If you have any questions, please contact our technical department at (208)-466-171 1 or by FAX (208)-466-7194.