October 8, 1992


SUBJECT:    Landing Gear Weldment Recall

TO:    Builders with aircraft manufactured between 09-03-92 and 10-01-92 (Includes above listed builder)

FROM: SkyStar Aircraft Corporation

SkyStar Aircraft Corporation’s quality control has found that the landing gear that were manufactured during the time period noted above, do not meet our quality standards for fit. The affected parts have improper clearance between the gear weldment and the fuselage mounting brackets.

SkyStar is requiring a mandatory recall of all Part #35003 and #35004 Landing Gear Weldments that were manufactured in the noted time frame. Each builder affected by this Bulletin will receive the proper replacement weldment (Powder Coated with original color preference if applicable) and will be required to send the defective landing gear weldments back to SkyStar (within the U.S.).

The defective parts need to be shipped back in the same package that the replacement parts arrived in. Please immediately pack the defective weldments in that package. SkyStar will then have UPS put a “Recall” on that package. UPS will return, pick up the package, ship it back to SkyStar, and then bill our account for the shipping. No RMA numbers are required on this exchange.

Thank you for your prompt attention in this matter. Please feel free to call our Customer Service Representatives at (208) 466-1711 if you have any questions..

NOTE: For those builders who are not in the United States we ask that you cut the defective weldments up. photograph the destruction, and please mail the photographs to:

SkyStar Aircraft Corporation

100 N. Kings Road

Nampa, Idaho. 83687 U.S.A.

Attention Ed Downs