November 3, 1992



TO:                    ALL Kitfox™ BUILDERS WITH MODEL IV WINGS (laminar flow wing)


It has come to our attention that there was a period of time that the Model IV flaperons might have been inadvertently cut .2” short on the inboard end. If the flaperon control horn is attached per the Manual instructions, on one of these “short” flaperons, then it is possible that the inboard flaperon hinge will not match up to the flaperon attach bracket on the # 1 rib or have the proper distance form the first inboard hinge (35.5”), refer to the enclosed drawing.

They way to determine if your flaperons fall into this “short” category, is to measure the distance from the center of the first hinge cut out to the inboard end of the flaperon skin. The measurement from the center of the first hinge slot to the inboard edge of the flaperon skin should be 34.55”.

If you find that you have one of these “short” flaperons and have not attached the #25009 Flaperon Control Horn, cut a .2” piece of #24003 Bearing (scrap from the cut off section of bearing) and install it between the #25011 End Rib bushing and the #24003 Bearing, per the enclosed drawing.

If you have already assembled your Flaperon Control Horn to the flaperon and you find that your flaperon is “short”, please call one of our customer service representatives so that we can send you two off-set flaperon hinges (off-set by .2”) and a new set of #25009 Flaperon Control Horns, to take the place of those you will need to replace. You will have to drill out the rivets that attach the #21001 Retention Ring to the Control Horn and the Control Horn to the end rib. Replace the hinge and rivet the Retention Ring and new Control Horn back into place on each flaperon.

Questions regarding this procedure can be directed to our technical department, at 208-454-1443 or by FAX; 208-466-7194.