September 22, 1993


SUBJECT:                   Vixen aft elevator control tube, p/n 11906.000.

APPLICABILITY:       Vixen aircraft serial numbers ECV-001 through ECV-009, GCV-0 10, HCV-0 11, HCV-0 12, and ICV-O 13 through ICV-015

COMPLIANCE:          During aircraft construction, measure the length of the aft elevator control tube (p/n 11906.000) to insure that the length of the control tube is 120.75. Measure only the length of the control tube, do not include the length of the adapter bushings (p/n 13003.000). If your control tube is longer than 120.75, drill out the three rivets holding one of the adapter bushings to the control tube. The structural adhesive used to glue the bushing into the control tube may be heated with a heat gun to a temperature of approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit to facilitate removal of the bushing. Remove the adapter bushing and cut the control tube such that it is 120.75 long. Deburr the end of the control tube that was cut. The adapter bushing may then be reinstalled in the same manner as it was originally installed, drilling new holes into the control tube and adapter bushing such