October 22, 1993


SUBJECT:  Vixen control stick pivot connect tube, p/n 15169.000.

APPLICABILITY:   Vixen aircraft serial numbers ECV-OO1 through ECV-009, GCV-O 10, HCV­011, HCV-012, ICV-013 through ICV-018, and JCV-019 through JCV-022.

COMPLIANCE:      Required as indicated below.

During aircraft construction, measure the length of the control stick pivot connect tube (p/n 15169.000). Measure from tip to tip. If the connect tube measures 17.46”, no action will be necessary. If the connect tube measures 17.85” long, the following procedure will be necessary in order to properly rig the control sticks:

1.    Cut 3/16” off the end of each rod end (p/n 93003.000) that threads onto the ends of the 15169.000 connect tube. Be careful to cut square, and be sure to Deburr all rough edges.

2.    Cut 1/8” off each threaded stud on the ends of the 15 169.000 connect tube. Deburr all rough edges.

3.    Assemble and install the connect tube per the builder’s manual with the following exceptions: Install the 93003.000 rod ends onto the 15 169.000 connect tube such that the rod ends are 18.625” apart from each other (measured from center to center on the holes in the rod end inner bearing), and with equal thread engagement in each rod end.