DATE:                                    May 1, 1994

SUBJECT:                              Possible cracking, Vixen nose gear fork

APPLICABILITY:                     All Kitfox™ Vixens

COMPLIANCE:                       Mandatory

FROM:                                   SkyStar Aircraft,  Engineering Department

We have discovered some small cracks starting in the nose gear fork of our factory Vixen demonstrator. Our Vixen has definitely seen some unusual abuse in its 300+ hours of service, including numerous flight tests involving rough landings on unpaved surfaces.

While we are confident that aircraft in normal service would not experience the same problem, we are modifying the fork manufacturing process, and sending all Vixen owners a new fork with new bearings, free of charge.  Replacement forks will be powder coated in the appropriate color for each builder according to our records, and are due for shipment by the second week of May.

Upon receipt of your new fork, please return the old part and bearings (whether loose or pressed in) to us in the same box.  Mark the fork with a tag (or masking tape) that has your name and kit serial number on it,  and send it to us at SkyStar Aircraft,