DATE:                    September 21, 1995

SUBJECT:               Elevator Idler Bell crank Mounting Bolt

APPLICABILITY:      Models 1, 2, and 3 Only

COMPLIANCE:        Mandatory

FROM:                   SkyStar Aircraft Engineering

We have received two reports of Kitfox™ owners experiencing failures of the bolt which attaches the elevator idler bell crank to the fuselage. One occurred during takeoff rotation and the pilot was able to abort the takeoff. The other happened during flight, however, and the pilot was able to control the pitch of the aircraft by reflexing the flaperons. Fortunately, thanks to the quick thinking and skill of both pilots, no injuries or damage to the aircraft resulted in either incident.

Before  continued operation of your aircraft, replace this bolt with a new AN3-15 bolt, lubricating it generously prior to installation. Also, avoid over-tightening the nut when installing it on the bolt.

Due to the critical nature of this component, continue to replace this bolt after every 50 hours of flight.

If you have any questions regarding this bolt, please contact our Technical Support Department at 208-454-1443.