DATE:                    May 1, 1997

SUBJECT:              Rotax 912 exhaust systems

APPLICABILITY:      All 912 powered Kitfox's

COMPLIANCE:        Mandatory Inspection

FROM:                    SkyStar Aircraft Engineering

Hundreds of exhaust systems are in use on the 912 Rotax and have accumulated many thousands of hours of trouble free service. We have recently received one report of a failed weld that caused a header pipe to separate.

Prior to continued operation of your aircraft, inspect the exhaust system carefully for any cracks which may have developed. If you discover any cracks, DO NOT operate the aircraft until repairs have been made or a replacement part has been installed.

If no cracks are found upon inspection, be certain to add careful inspection of the exhaust system to the list of items to be checked during the pre-flight inspection of the aircraft.

Leaks in the exhaust system should always be considered a hazard which should warrant grounding of the aircraft. Not only can they be a potential source of a fire under the cowl, but they also pose a threat to the individuals on board the aircraft because of potential carbon monoxide poisoning if the leaking gases should pass into the cockpit.

As the operator of this aircraft, be certain to be vigilant for the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. All passengers should also be advised of the dangers. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas which is a by-product of the combustion of gasoline. Even low quantities when breathed over a period of time can be deadly. Onset of carbon monoxide poisoning is insidious and may include such symptoms as a headache, blurred thinking, dizziness, and a general feeling of uneasiness.

Use of a carbon monoxide indicator (which may be purchased through most aircraft equipment retailers or our Customer Service department) is recommended in addition to being watchful for the above symptoms. If it is suspected that carbon monoxide is leaking into the cockpit, open the fresh air vents and land the aircraft at the nearest airport.

If you find cracks in your exhaust system, please contact our Customer Service department at 208-454-1443 to order a replacement.