DATE:                    August 10, 1998

SUBJECT:              Flap clevis attachment rivets

APPLICABILITY:     All Pulsar III aircraft

COMPLIANCE:       Mandatory

FROM:                   SkyStar Aircraft Product Development

To provide increased clearance between the flap actuator rod end and the upper wing skin, an additional clevis spacer plate was incorporated in all Pulsar III kits; however, a longer rivet was not provided. To ensure that the flap clevis is securely attached, longer rivets will need to be installed.

If you have already installed your flap clevises, carefully drill out the long rivets that were originally sent with the kit, and install the P/N 95005.000 3/8 rivets provided with this Service Bulletin. If you have yet to install the flap clevises, be sure to do so with the 3/8 rivets.

Please note that as this is a blind rivet installation, you will get no visual indication that the rivets were originally too short. Be sure to check the part numbers and rivet lengths to ensure that you are installing the proper fastener.

If you have any questions, you are invited to call our Customer Service department at 208-454-2444 for more information.