DATE:                    August 11, 1998

SUBJECT:              Nicopress sleeves

APPLICABILITY:     All Kitfox™ Aircraft

COMPLIANCE:       Mandatory

FROM:                   SkyStar Aircraft Engineering

A variety of Kitfox™ aircraft kits were upgraded to stainless steel rudder cables over the years. We have discovered that in some cases the original un-plated Nicopress sleeves continued to be shipped despite the change to stainless cables. This combination of stainless cables and un-plated sleeves can lead to accelerated corrosion between the differing metals.

Determine if the rudder cables on your aircraft have the affected combination of stainless cables and un-plated sleeves. A magnet can be used to determine of your cables are galvanized or stainless; the galvanized cables are strongly magnetic, whereas the stainless cables are only slightly magnetic, if at all. The un-plated sleeves are copper-colored, while the plated sleeves are zinc-colored.

If your aircraft has the stainless cables and un-plated sleeves, before the next flight, and at intervals not greater than every six months, inspect your cables at every cable/sleeve junction for corrosion. Should any evidence of corrosion be encountered, the cables and sleeves must be replaced before the next flight.

Regardless of the apparent visual condition of the cables, the affected aircraft must have the proper combination of stainless cables and plated sleeves installed within three years from the date the cables were assembled.

Parts orders and requests for further information can be directed to Customer Service at 208 454 2444.