SUBJECT:           Left Control Column Pivot Assembly
TO:                       All Kitfox™ Owners
Denney Aerocraft Company

It has been observed that in some Kitfox™ aircraft a binding may occur between the FCC-i 8 Control Column pivot and the rods connected to it. All aircraft should be inspected for this condition.

We recommended that the FRE-48 and FRE-49 Rod Ends be reversed as shown in the accompanying diagram, and washers added as spacers as shown. The AN970-3 washers that have been ground to 0.6” diameter were added as a safety precaution in case of rod end failure, and are not required to alleviate the binding problem.

Use the following procedure to check your linkage.

(1)      Reverse the rod ends FRE-48 and FRE-49 as shown with one 90' to the other.

(2)      Assemble all parts shown on the diagram but without the AN364-1 032 nut and the AN970-3 washer. Do not connect the FRE-48 Rod End to the FBK-56 Swivel Joint. While holding the FCT-20 Connect Tube and its rod end against the FCC-i 8 Control Column Pivot, move the control stick to its full right position. If there is any interference between the rod end and the FCC-i 8 you will feel the rod end being forced off the bolt. If this is the case you will have to add the AN960-i 0 washer if you have not already done so, and perhaps one AN960-1 OL washer.

(3)      Install the AN364-1 032 nut and its washer. Move the control stick full right along with the FBK-6 Bellcrank. Rotate the stick forward and aft while observing the alignment of the bolt holes in the FRE-48 Rod End and the FBK-56 Swivel Joint. Do the same with the control stick in its full left position. If bolt alignment can not be maintained during fill stick rotation, spacer washers will need to be added and perhaps beveled as shown in the diagram.

(4)      The right side should also be examined for binding. This can be more easily done by removing the stick pivot and FCT-20 Connect Tube. Bolt the connect tube to the control stick as it was inside the control column. Swing the control stick and the connect tube toward each other until the angle between them is 600. If this angle can not be obtained without binding, add a AN960-1 0 or AN960-1 OL washer as needed to obtain the 600 angle without binding. Reassemble in the control column.

(5)      Reconnect the FRE-48 Rod End to the FBK-56 Swivel Joint with one AN960-1 OL washer on each side of the rod end.

(6)      If you can not obtain satisfactory results after following the above procedure contact Denney Aerocraft Company for possible replacement of your FCC-i 8 Control Stick Pivot.

 NOTE:        Use new nylock nuts for your final assembly as the nylon will be worn after repeated use.

If you need assistance in any way, please call customer service. Before returning any items to Denney Aerocraft Co. please obtain a Return Goods Authorization (RMA) number from customer service.