SUBJECT:                   Cotton Flox

TO:                              Model III and IV Owners shipped after 4/1/1991 - MANDATORY

FROM:                         Denney Aerocraft Company

For several months now 1 pint of cotton fox (WCF-39) has been a standard part of the wing kit. It is used as a thickening agent for the epoxy structural adhesive, (FSA-2A and 2B).

We recently discovered that we have mistakenly sent to several Kitfox™ builders have received fiberglass micro balloons instead of cotton flox.

While we have used micro balloons with structural epoxy, we have never used it for wing construction. We don’t know whether the hardened epoxy with micro balloons will have the same properties as that with cotton fox.

We are conducting a series of tests to compare these properties. In the meantime, we recommend you check your WCF-39 to determine whether it is actually cotton fox or fiberglass micro balloons. Both materials are white, but they have very different textures. The micro balloons are more fluid, the cotton fox has a texture like lint. The fox will not “flow” at all, and separates into particles that resemble various sizes of pellets. Fiberglass micro balloons look like powdered sugar. When you handle them they may make you sneeze and cough.

If you have micro balloons, do not use them in your structural epoxy. Call or write our Customer Service department and we will send cotton fox to you.

If you have already used micro balloons in your wing construction, we recommend you do not cover the wing or proceed with construction until we have concluded our tests. We will advise you as soon as possible of the results of these tests. Let us know if you have already built your wings and used fiberglass micro balloons as the stiffening agent so we can send these results to you, along with further recommendations if necessary.

If you need assistance in any way, please call customer service. Before returning any items to Denney Aerocraft Co. please obtain a Return Goods Authorization (RMA) number from customer service.