SUBJECT:                              Sloshing Compound
TO:                                        All Kitfox™ Owners
FROM:                                   Denney Aerocraft Company

A Kitfox™ owner reported recently that the sloshing compound in his aluminum header tank detached and clogged the fuel line. He landed without incident but of course fuel starvation can have serious consequences.

The following action must be taken if you have a header tank or wing tank:

HEADER TANK - Remove and drain the header tank. Slosh the tank with 8 ounces of MEK to remove the sloshing compound. Test the tank for leaks by pressurizing it with air to a maximum of 04 lbs. p.s.i., and soap the seams. If it does not leak, install the tank. If it does leak, repair the leak or send it to Denney Aerocraft Company and we will repair it or replace it.

WING TANK - Drain the tank and inspect it through the filler neck with a flashlight and mirror. If the sloshing compound is intact no further action is required. You should inspect your wing tank regularly, every 10 hours. If the sloshing compound has begun to flake away from the tank wall, you will have to slosh the tank with MEK to remove the compound. You may accomplish this by removing the wing with the tank intact. Then you can rotate and shake the wing well enough to slosh the MEK on all the surfaces of the tank.

If the tank leaks when the compound is removed you will have to remove the wing tank. Denney Aerocraft Company will replace any defective tank.

Be careful when using MEK as it will soften and dissolve stits Poly-tak, Poly-brush and Poly-­tone.

If you need assistance in any way, please call customer service. Before returning any items to Denney Aerocraft Co. please obtain a Return Goods Authorization (RMA) number from customer service.