Service Alert


It has come to the attention of our technical service staff that a small number of customers operating the Kitfox™ aircraft with the Continental IO-240 have experienced difficulties with the Warp Drive propeller commonly used with this engine.  Reports have been received stating that cracks have been observed on the aluminum collar located at the hub end of the propeller blade.  These cracks have been located close to the hub area.

Warp Drive has been informed of these reports and is investigating the issues involved.  It is thought that the combination of a low inertia propeller coupled to a high compression engine may result in abnormally high propeller blade “shock” being experienced at low idle RPM’s.

SkyStar aircraft recommends that all Kitfox™ owners operating the Continental IO-240 with a Warp Drive propeller carefully inspect the propeller hub and collar area prior to each flight for evidence of cracks.  It is also recommended that ground idle RPM be maintained at a speed of not less that 1100 RPM.  We ask that individuals finding evidence of cracks contact SkyStar's Technical Support staff at (208) 454-1665 or e-mail Technical support at  Warp Drive will be offering more information as it becomes available.